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Animorphs 2x3

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Tired of defending the world from alien invaders, the Animorphs decide to unwind and relax at their school’s spring dance. Rachel can’t wait to go with her dream date–Tobias, of course. Once she persuades Jake and Cassie to double date with them, she drags Cassie off to the mall in search of the perfect dress. The shopping expedition ends in disaster when Cassie discovers that a well-known cosmetics company tests their products on animals. Enraged, she convinces Jake to break into the laboratory with her and free the animals. When their plan backfires completely, the other Animorphs rush in and save the day. Exhausted from the battle, Marco as a dog; runs into the woods so that he can morph in private. Unfortunately, he doesn’t realize that he’s got company; a boy was taping him morphing back into a human….

Animorphs: Season 2 Episode 3 S02E03
Sep. 17, 1999

Animorphs season 2

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